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The Hummer EV Pickup
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Hummer EV Truck by GMC
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  4. The Hummer EV SUV
  5. Hummer EV Truck by GMC

The Hummer EV: Electric Hercules 

  • Speed
  • Ride Height
  • Charging Time
  • Storage
  • Off-roading Capability
4.8/5Overall Score

The Hummer EV is finally here and we are super excited to have it kick off our Mania Motors journey. It is a beast and given that it has zero emissions, the best power house to drive the world into a carbon-neutral future. 

  • Horsepower: 830 - 1000
  • 0-60: 3 sec
  • Detachable Roof: Yes
  • Wheel Diameter: 35"
  • Highly Practical
  • Detachable Roof
  • Classic Hummer Look
  • Numerous Financing Options
  • Very High Speeds
  • Fast Charging Capability
  • Inadequate Charging Infrastructure
  • Limited Repair Specialists

The Hummer EV is one of the most gigantic, fastest, and strongest electric vehicles out there. Packing a horsepower of 1000 for the pickup, plus a 0-60 speed of 3 seconds, the Hummer EV is by every definition of the word, an electric Hercules. The SUV version of the Hummer EV comes with a horsepower of 830.

Hummer EV’s Exterior and Finishes

The GMC’s Hummer EV is finished spectacularly with such grit and industrial tactility that you will feel like you are inside a robot when driving the Hummer EV. It’s strong, sexy, and ridiculously fast for a utility cum military vehicle. The Hummer EV comes in two versions, the SUV and PickUp versions. The latter has a lot of storage and an open trough at the back while the former still has plenty of storage for an SUV. The exterior of both versions pays homage to the legacy Hummer design while incorporating pride and beauty via clever finishes. A good example is the US flag just by the rear seat window.

The Hummer EV is a beauty to behold and a rugged sexy beast.

General Motors were so proud of Hercules here that they placed the Hummer EV logo on 32 separate spots on the vehicle. The Pickup version also pays homage to the first manned mission to mars with a white color option. There are also numerous moon flags all through the vehicles. The moon flags entail a signature footprint that is additionally placed in the drivers’ foot area to celebrate the Apollo 11 mission.

Storage Space and Options

In the pickup version, one even has space to store some of their camping or hiking gear underneath the backseats. It also has storage compartments within the seats. In both vehicles, the bonnet doubles as a trunk or boot as the vehicles do not come with a combustion engine. What that means is that you have space both at the front and back of both vehicles, making the Hummer EV the ideal vehicle for all your outdoor activities. I could honestly see the Queen going to hunt in one of these. It has enough storage for two deers.

Hummer EV’s Practicability 

The Hummer EV is also very practical as it has a detachable roof where you can detach 4 panels from the roof to make it a convertible. Interestingly, the back window for both versions can be winded down to allow for increased airflow and that is just one amazingly thoughtful feature of this herculean vehicle.

The Hummer EV Pickup
The Hummer EV Pickup is super practical and comes with tons of storage.

The Front View

Aesthetically, the Hummer EV is rugged and sexy. It’s pure muscle. It comes with a beautiful front with an electric fixture that doubles as the headlights. The lights do an amazing animation as you charge the vehicle or even when signaling. The Hummer EV also has three floodlights at the top of the windscreen to ensure that you have all the light you need for all those insane outdoor activities you’ll be up to. 

The Rear View

The back of the vehicle entails a tow bar, a spare wheel, and a boot that opens sideways for the SUV version. On the pickup, the rear side entails the trough and a tow bar.

Hummer EV’s Ground Clearance

The EV is so highly seated that its ground clearance/ride height is amazing. The EV is perfect for any weather and will perform exceedingly well in wet conditions or floods. It’s the kind of vehicle that will cross rivers like they are rain streams. It also comes with a powerful tow-bar that will easily tow 3 tonnes of weight without straining the vehicle. I can bet you that the EV is capable of towing all other pickup trucks and SUVs out there in the market today.

The Hummer EV SUV
The ride height of the Hummer EV is impeccable, to say the least.


In terms of the Tech, the EV comes with all-around cameras to ensure streamlined navigation including when reversing. It also has cameras for cruise control and ensuring that it picks up on objects in the front to avoid any collisions. It boasts a dash display that is backed up by a mode toggle to switch between driving modes. The center console also boots a good number of buttons to toggle the AC and so on. The EV enjoys fast charging via supported chargers. It also has an amazing feature termed Crabwalk that allows it to maneuver rocky terrain. Crabwalk also allows the wheels to move 10 degrees in each direction which means the vehicle can be driven diagonally in slow speeds. This feature allows the EV to navigate very tight bends and hard-to-navigate terrain.


For a Hummer lover and enthusiast, the Hummer EV is definitely the electric truck to buy. Albeit priced at anywhere from $80k to $120k, it is definitely worth the money. It’s just one of the strongest, sexiest, and most capable electrical vehicles out there. 

Is the Hummer EV a Worthy Buy?

The Hummer EV is fiercely practical and flexible. It packs a punch in terms of power and speed thanks to the electric motor. Moreover, it is beautifully utilitarian and just looks like Hercules out there on wheels doing whatever it is you tell it to. It’s the truck for you if the outdoors are known to you like the back of your hand. 

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